Thursday, July 31, 2008

A little about us...

So just to give you all an update on what is going on with Zach and I.....First off Zach and I have been married for over a year and a half. It will be 2 years in Sept. YAY! We are going to Mexico in August for an early anniversary present. While we are there we hope to do many things. One thing I am really excited about is the zip-line from mountain to mountain. We have a dog named Dillinger. He is the best dog I have ever had. He is a Red Heeler and he is about 6 yr. old. He does not play with toys, but he loves to go for walks and pee on everything he sees even if he is all out of pee, he still lifts his leg anyway. It is so funny. He loves to go to the deer lease with us and run beside the 4-wheelers. He is out of shape right now so sometimes we will load him up on the back of the 4-wheeler.
Zach has a new job. He is still a sales rep. but for a different company. He loves his new job because his phone is not ringing off the hook like his last job. This company is very laid back. He has been working hard on the east side of Houston (the industrial side). Besides his job, he loves to surf as we all know. He went on a trip to Nicaragua in May with his brother. They had a good time.
I am working right now waiting for school to start in August. I cant wait to be done with school. I have about 2 years left. Besides school and work, I love to go to the beach with Zach and film him while he surfs. I love to play volleyball. I love to ride 4-wheeler and my newest hobby is hunting. Last year Zach and I got on a deer lease and we love to hunt. We did not shoot anything last year, but we will this year. Last year we had a chance to shoot a doe, but we let her go. It is so awesome to be sitting in a deer blind at 5:15 in the morning and see the sun come up and the birds start to come out. It is cold sometimes, but just to see the animals come out in the morning is a really neat experience. Another hobby that Zach and I love to do together is play tennis. We went to academy and bought tennis rackets and balls. We play at our neighborhood's tennis courts. We love to play even though we both are not very good at it. HeHe.
Zach and I bought our first house on Oct. 1 of last year. We havent been in this house for a year and we are about to put it up on the market. It is a really nice 2 story, 2400 sq. foot house but the house note is outrageous and the HOA wont let us keep our low-boy trailer (to haul our 4-wheelers) in the driveway. Plus, they wont let Zach have his big mudding truck in the driveway either. There are so many restictions that we dont like. We are looking at his uncles house which sits on about 6 acres. We will see what happens though.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Getting started

Hello....I decided to get a blog because they are very convenient and so we can keep friends and family up to date with our lives. I will write more later.