Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Zach's best friend's wedding

One of Zach's best friends got married this past weekend and Zach was one of his groomsmen. The bride was beautiful and we had a great time with our friends. We are so happy for our friends and for the beginning of their new life together.

New hair cut and PUPPY!

So, I was ready for a change with my hair and I always have said that if I'm going to cut it I want to donate it. When I was searching for organizations to donate my hair to I was going to do Locks of Love, but everyone does that so I wanted to find a different organization. I came across Pantene Beautiful Lengths, which is an organization for adult women who have lost their hair to cancer treatments. I am so glad I did it because I was able to help someone else! I love my new hair cut and so does Zach. After the hairstylist put my hair in several ponytails, Zach did the first cute. I ended up donating about 10 inches. My hair grows really fast so next I'm looking forward to doing it again.

A couple of weeks ago, Zach and I added a puppy to our family. She is a Blue Heelers (very good family dogs, great with kids). We got her when she was 6 weeks old. She had her first bath and afterwards cuddled up with daddy on the couch. Her big belly cracks me up. Our other dog (a Red Heeler) doesnt pay much attention to her. She loved him and follows him around but he just ignores her. It's funny! He's an old grump! My nephews loved the new puppy as well.

November and December fun!

So, Zach and I really got in the Christmas spirit as far as decorating. We put up lights on our house (which we normally dont do) and we put up a Christmas tree. So, we put up our fake Christmas tree that we had bought the first year we were married. When I put it up I just laughed. It looks so puney! So, I said we had to go get another tree, a REAL tree. So, we did. It looks great and smells great. I forgot how good it smells. Also, while we decorated our tree I made pumpkin bread. It was sooo good!

For Thanksgiving, my whole family was able to come to visit. It was so good to see everyone, especially by brother and his family from Idaho who I haven't seen in couple of years. One thing we did during this week was going to the temple as a family and do sealings for our ancestors. It was a really spiritual experience. This pic below is a nativity scene that was in front of the temple. So gorgeous!

Also, for Thanksgiving, my sister and neice were able to stay a couple of days at my house. I really like when they stay with me. Anyways, M loved going up the stairs. She climbed up all by herself and poked her head around the corner and I was able to catch this pic. She is such a cutie!

The first week in November is always the start of the hunting season! Zach shot his buck the first day of the season. His buck's rack was the widest out of the camp measuring at 15.25". He is very proud of it and so happy that he shot his buck before I shot mine. hehe! :)

Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Sorry I have been such a slacker with blogging lately. I have been so busy. A lot has happened over the past month and a half. A couple of exciting things are: I cut 10 in. off my hair and donated it to Pantene Beautiful Lengths (an organization for adult women who have lost their hair to cancer). I was going to do Locks of Love, which is for children, but everyone does that one so I researched some organizations and found Pantene Beautiful Lengths. My hair grows fast and I like the change.

Another bit of exciting news is we got a new fur ball puppy. She is so cute and only 6 wks old. She is a Blue Heeler (we already have a Red Heeler and we just love him...VERY GOOD DOGS). So, we were driving home from church last Sunday and saw people selling them on the side of the road so we just wanted to go and "LOOK" at them and see how much they were asking. When we got there and asked they said they were FREE. They were free because they have not had time to get all their shots and heartworm meds and they were going out of town the next day so they had to get rid of all the puppies. We are so happy we have our new puppy. We ended up naming her Remington (yes, like the gun brand) and call her Remi for short. The first night at home she was so scared and cried almost the whole night, but she is not house trained so we had to leave her in the washroom. The second night (last night) was much better. We found out that she doesnt cry if she is with our other dog. She thinks our other dog, which is a male, is her mom because she was trying to find a tit on his chest for some milk. You should have seen our boy, he was so funny. He didnt know what to think. Anyways, we just love our new addition to our family and I hope to put pics up this weekend or next week when I have off from work. I cant wait to sleep in and not have to get up at 5am. Stay tuned!

Sunday, October 31, 2010


This year for Halloween, the hubby and I were going to be Jesse and Woody from Toy Story, but we did not have enough time to get the costumes together. SOOO, the night before our friends' party we went to Spirit Halloween and picked up some easy costumes. I was Little Red Riding Hood and the hubs was Joe Dirt. He was sooo excited about his costume. He loves talking like a hillbilly/redneck and this costume gave him the perfect opportunity. The mullet is what makes me laugh the most. Oh, and his beard is not a stick on, it's his real hair.

Scentsy and Baby Shower...

So, I have already made a post that I am selling Scentsy, but I just want to express how easy it is to be a consultant. The product sells itself and I have a lot of fun doing it. October was a really good month for me. I'm hoping November will be too.
Also, in October we had Tiffany's baby shower. Her sisters, mom, and I helped put it together. It turned out great! One of the pics below is a diaper cake that I made. It has unisex colors because they are not finding out what sex the baby is. No, I didnt make the cupcakes...her sister did and they were really good.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

4 Wonderful Years of Marriage...

Thursday, Zach and I celebrated our 4yr. anniversary. I can not believe how time flies. We have had a lot of great memories that will stay with us forever. We are truely blessed to be sealed to each other in the house of the Lord for time and all eternity.

Friday night, Zach and I went to a really nice restaurant called America's. That is the same restaurant he proposed to me. The cuisine is South American. It was mainly upscale Argentine food. I have some pics but the website's pics are a lot better than mine. www.cordua.com/americas . He bought be a beautiful bouquet of flowers. It was a nice evening together. Next year for our 5th year anniversay we hope to travel somewhere we have never been.

Here is what the restaurant looks like

Thusday night we did not go out because we both had work the next day. So, Zach grilled some steaks and I brought the dessert. These are canoles. One had pecans. They weren't that good. Maybe they would be better if they were fresh and hot.

This is a tuxedo cake with a chocolate covered strawberry on top. This dessert was GOOD!

Tuesday, August 31, 2010


I am now a Scentsy consultant and I'm so excited to be selling this product. Please visit my website and let me know if you want to purchase anything, host a party, or join. Thanks.


Monday, August 30, 2010

New Job!

Sorry I havent been on here in a LOOONNGG time! I have been so busy with my new job. For the first week and a half before the kids came we had meetings ALL day! Then this past Monday school started and volleyball season started as well (which I am coaching). The first week of school was OK. It was pretty boring because we had to go through all the rules and consquences. This week we will be able to start playing games. Im looking forward to it. Im also excited about my new job because I get to grow my nails out! YAY! I havent had nails in 4 years (that's how long I did massage).
Also, Zach started his new/old job last Monday. He is in the same field he just went back to a previous employer. He is excited because there are new people to work with and it is a better company than his previous one.
I have some pics and I will post them when I get a chance, which is hopefully soon.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Time Flies!!!

Wow! Can you believe the summer is almost over? Where has the time gone? Well, just to update everyone on mine and my other half's life......Zach has been really busy with work. He likes to play softball with some church friends, go to the movies (he has to have a large mr. pibb and a large popcorn...never fails), workout, go to the deer lease, mudding on the four wheeler, oh and yes...SURFING! There has been a lot more surf from the hurricane coming through. He loves hurricane season.
Jenn- I am job hunting and that is what I have been doing pretty much ALL summer. I have been working, but now that Im not in school and pay back for my student loans are coming I really feel the pressure to get a job. I have had a lot of blessings as far as opportunity for jobs. The Lord has blessed me with 2 really good jobs, but im holding out for this one I really want. Also, Andi, my old roommate from college got to come down for a visit. We went shopping, toured the Blue Bell Factory (yes, we got ice cream afterwards), visited some antique shops, went to Kemah, the Natural Science Museum....It was so nice to visit with her. We had a lot of fun.
In some of the pics to follow you can see that we have a new neighbor....a DOVE! She has some eggs in there and all she does all day is sit on them. :) She is very pretty up close.
Also, at the beginning of the summer Zach and I re-did out flower bed. It was hideous. I have been wanting a new one for years. I think it turned out pretty well.