Sunday, July 24, 2011

Baptisms and MORE birthdays...

June was a very busy month, but a lot of good things happened that month. One of them was that my niece and nephew decided to get baptised. In our church, children are baptised at the age of 8 (about the age of accountability). So, my niece and nephew are 1 day apart so I was able to attend both of their birthday parties and baptisms. It was a lot of fun!

My sister, her husband, and my nephew at his baptism.
Me and my niece. She is the oldest out of the grandkids and by far the tallest. She is going into high school and she is ALMOST taller than me. I cant believe how she has grown into a beautiful young women. Back off boys...her dad says she cant date until she is 35. :)

Nephew... one of the twins

Some of my nephews and niece!

My beautiful niece on her baptism day!

My handsome nephew on his baptism day, the day after my niece's.

Zach and I get her those for her birthday. Goofy glasses, a blue pillow, and an Uno game! We had fun playing the Uno game! For my nephew, Zach and I got him his first BB gun! He likes to shoot things. (Sorry I didnt get a pic of that)

She has no idea what is coming. LOL! JUST KIDDING. You will only feel a pinch.

My niece got her ears pierced a couple of days after her baptism. Her fav. color is blue so she got blue rhinestones. She was very brave and I think it only hurt a little. :)


I love girl time. I especially love getting pedicures. That was a fun day of Pool time and pedicures.

Pool Time...

We love it when Julia house-sits for a friend of hers. She has an awesome backyard where we love to grill out and play in the saline pool. Here are a few pics from a fun day at the pool. Oh, and our new fav. pool game is Dibble Dabble. It is kind of like musical chairs. You have one less toothpick than there are people and one person dives down and puts them on the bottom of the pool. Then, they will come to the surface at different time. Everyone is standing out of the pool on the edge and when you see one, you have to jump in and get a toothpick. If you do not get a toothpick on your jump in, then you have to get back out of the pool and try again. It is soooo fun.

This is not Dibble Dabble. This was the boys just having fun.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Tanya and Ryan's Wedding

The week after Zach's birthday, our friends were married for time and all eternity. Congrats Tanya and Ryan. Their wedding was beautiful. Here are some pics....

The Happy Couple!

Zach's brother holding his baby! SOOO cute!

Our goofy friends. :)

Zach and our niece Kynlee! We love her! Zach looks good holding a baby! Hopefully our turn is next.

Zach's Birthday

Waaaay back in May, we celebrated Zach turning 30. It was a great day. Not only was is the day that the love of my life was born, but one of my childhood friends got married that day (Congrats again Allison and Matt). That day is also the day of a couple of our friends' children's birthday. Anyways, we had a great time with family and friends. We are so glad Zach's brother Paul was able to drive down for the day and share that day with us. For Zach's b-day, he wanted to eat crawfish. We had soooo much crawfish it was ridiculous! Anyways, enjoy the pics....

Sunday, July 17, 2011


I know, I know. I have not updated my blog in forever. This is my first summer off or work and I have had such a good time traveling, sleeping in, and hanging out with family and friends. I will upload pics soon. I just wanted to let everyone know that a new update with pics will be coming soon. STAY TUNED. Oh, and please comment on my posts. I like to read what y'all have to say. Thanks.