Monday, November 2, 2009


This Halloween was an eventful one for Zach and I. We went to 4 parties. We did have 5 to go to, but we had to cancel on one because there was no way we could have made them all. So, the week before Halloween we went to Joe and Cherise's party and won best costume. Then, the Firday before Halloween were going to go to 3 parties in one night but that is when we had to cancel on party. So, we just went to our cousin's house and then headed over to Kris and Sarah's house. On Halloween day we went over another couple friends of ours and there we won best costume as well. So, we had a good Halloween experience and loved to dress up in our costumes.
Fred. Or Cowboy Fred. Zach wanted to wear his boots. lol
Me, as Wilma.

Zach and our cousin Ryan who is dressed up as a black guy. lol
Natalie and Randi, our cousins. Poker lady and biker chick (aka her mom).

Krystl and Chris. Our cousin and her boyfriend. She is white trash and he is some goofy chinese guy. They were hilarious.

Our friends, Kris and Sarah. Patrick Swayze and "Baby" from Dirty Dancing.
Me and Stephanie.

Our friends, Stephanie and Justin. They are a Valet couple.