Sunday, October 31, 2010


This year for Halloween, the hubby and I were going to be Jesse and Woody from Toy Story, but we did not have enough time to get the costumes together. SOOO, the night before our friends' party we went to Spirit Halloween and picked up some easy costumes. I was Little Red Riding Hood and the hubs was Joe Dirt. He was sooo excited about his costume. He loves talking like a hillbilly/redneck and this costume gave him the perfect opportunity. The mullet is what makes me laugh the most. Oh, and his beard is not a stick on, it's his real hair.

Scentsy and Baby Shower...

So, I have already made a post that I am selling Scentsy, but I just want to express how easy it is to be a consultant. The product sells itself and I have a lot of fun doing it. October was a really good month for me. I'm hoping November will be too.
Also, in October we had Tiffany's baby shower. Her sisters, mom, and I helped put it together. It turned out great! One of the pics below is a diaper cake that I made. It has unisex colors because they are not finding out what sex the baby is. No, I didnt make the cupcakes...her sister did and they were really good.