Saturday, February 6, 2010

Birthday weekend

MY birthday was on last monday, feb. 1. That friday Zach and I went to Logan's Roadhouse and then to see "When in Rome." I thought it was a cute movie but we heard it got bad reviews. Anyways, then on Sat. we had some friends over for food and hanging out. Sunday was the family dinner party. On monday, I had a busy day. I took Kitty (which is our new cat) to the vet, paid bills, did homework, and went shopping. It was an eventful weekend.

So, yes we have a new cat. My mother-in-laws work owns camp sites all over the U.S. and at one of them the camp director found this cat that someone had dumped off. She said they were going to end up putting it to sleep if they could not find a home for it. I love cats and Zach knew that so he suprised me with this cat. She is a Calico cat and she is about 4 yrs old (so the vet says). I named her Kitty because that is all she comes to. She is a really laid back cat and very beautiful. She doesnt get up on furniture unless we call her up. She stays in our room under our bed most of the time. These past couple of days she has started to come out more to explore the house. We tried introducing her and Dillinger and she was not too happy about that. Anyways, we are glad to have Kitty as part of our family!!!
These are gerber daisies my friend Natalie got for me. They are one of my fav. flowers and they are sooo beautiful. THANKS NAT!
This is Kris, Justin, and Zach. The 3 amigos.
This is Stephanie and Sarah. The fiance and wife of the other boys in the previous pic.
Zach and Colton playing Rock Band. :)
Cherise and Monica. Im so glad they were able to come over and hang out.

This is Kitty. Isnt she beautiful?