Sunday, August 21, 2011


In June, the same week I was up in Oklahoma, I was able to go see my best friend from college. She lives in Kansas. We are both teachers so we try and see each other every summer or at least once a year. It is always fun to see her!

Kansas is known for their aviation. We went to this little restaurant at a little airport. It was so cute and the food was really good.

We were able to go to her in-laws and hang out. We swam in the pool and fished in the pond.

Andi, her hubby, and their baby (Cash).

We went to the museum and they had a CSI thing you could go to and try and solve the crimes they had displayed. IT was fun! Below are 2 of the crimes we solved.

This crime was a women who was an apiring actress and she finally got a job acting. She told her friend about the good news. Her friend was jealous and gave her some drugs that killed her.

This guys' ex-wife had shot him in the head and then buried him in the desert. His remains showed up 5 years later.


In June was able to go visit my sister who lives in Oklahoma. It was so nice to see her and her family. She is pregnant and so I got to see her cute belly. I had a fun time with my niece who is always so fun to play with. Even though I only got to spend a couple of days there, it was a lot of fun.

Isn't she sooo cute!

While I was visiting, my sis and I made these cheesecake bites. They were sooo good! The recipe is from the cook book: Our Best Bites.

This is a ham and cheese calzone. It is soo good! All you use is the Pillsbury cresent rolls, ham, shredded cheese, and on top is melted butter with a little bit of a ranch packet. It was yummy and really easy.

We were watching Ratatouille. That was my first time seeing it. IT was really a cute movie. She loves watching movies!

My brother in-law, my niece and my sister.