Monday, January 12, 2009

OuR tRiP tO uTaH...

For Christmas, Zach and I went to Utah and Idaho to visit family. We love it up there. The mountains are so beautiful. We had alot of fun spending time with friends and family. Below is a pic of the gingerbread house Sarah and Carolyn made. It took them 3 days to make. This has to be the best gingerbread house I've ever seen.

On our way to Idaho!
After we went sledding with the kids in the mountain, there was a frozen steam.

Beautiful Idaho sunset! We had just gotten done sledding in the mountains and this was the view when we were leaving. SO NEAT!
Carolyn with the tube and Lu Lu at the top about to go down the hill.

That's me posing in the snow after sledding in Idaho. The flat tub under me was the kids until Zach popped it with his boot. :)

That's all the pics for Idaho. One thing that Zach got to do but didnt get any pics of was FLY FISHING. Ed and Zach went fly fishing and zach fell in love with the sport. They didnt catch anything but he had fun anyways. Oh yeah and Ed fell in the freezing cold water. HAHA!
So, back to UTAH! On Christmas day, Zach and I went with Uncle Brady, Aunt Shawna and the kids to a place in Ogden where they have these little houses and in each house in a different theme. For example, the fire station did a house with a dalmation. The train station did the Union Station. It was really neat and there were alot of little display houses. It was also really cold that day so we walked pretty fast through the park.

Nutcracker theme! Mom collects nutcrackers so I thought she would like this one.

Snowboarding theme!

Ski Shop theme!

Train station theme

Morgan, Me, Zach, Katee, Clint and Tanner

Fire station theme!

Penguin theme!

Golf theme!

Mexican theme! Those lights on the tree are chili peppers.

Hansel and Grettle theme! See him in the cage! The witch lady is to the left and the outside of the house has candy on it.

Raggedy Ann and Raggedy Andy.

Katee and I were trying to make a snowman, but it just wasnt working. The snow was not sticking together. Bummer!!!

Icicles from roof to ground. This just blow my mind. They have to be over 12 ft. icicles. :0

I thought this was so neat. I have never seen icicles(spelling?) from the bottom of a car. It just doesnt get that cold in Texas.
Zach and Morgan at the ski resort. They became skiing partners.

Zach and I on Wolf Mountain, a ski resort. On this day I was not able to go skiing or snowboarding because we thought the rental place rented out snow clothes. Well, we get there and they tell us we have to go back down the mountain to rent them. So, I said that is ok I will just take pictures and stay in the lodge. However, we did go back on New Years day and I was able to ski and Zach got to go snowboarding again. He had a BLAST! I liked it as well until I couldnt feel my toes. I went down the mountain twice. The first time I did not fall and the second time we went down a steeper slope and I fell twice. That did it for me. I went back to the kiddie hill as seen behind us. You can see that it is not very steep at all. We both had alot of fun though.
Zach and I in front of a tree along the road of displays in Ogden.

We went to Ogden to see a bunch of Christmas displays and the whole park was lit but christmas lights. Also, I was born in Ogden so that was neat to go there. After the park we went to the movies and when we came out, there was a small blizzard. It was cool and scary because I have never been in a blizzard.
This view is from the back porch of our aunt and uncle's house in Utah! BEAUTIFUL!

SALT LAKE TEMPLE!!! Zach and I went through a session and it was sooo beautiful in there. The architecture(spelling?) was amazing and it was a live session. Im gald we got to go through. It was a good ending to our trip.