Sunday, February 13, 2011

The Big 2-5

So, a couple of weeks ago I turned 25. It is funny because ever since my birthday, I feel like I have memory loss. LOL! I have been forgetting a lot of stuff lately, maybe I should write things down. Anyways, this year pretty low key. The Sunday before my birthday we had a family birthday dinner. On my birthday, Zach was out of town for work so I went and got my favorite food to eat. I got Panera Bread and a Snickers Blizzard. YUM! The following weekend, Zach and I went to Jasper to hang out with our friends and have dinner.

NEW floors

Zach and I recently updated the floors in our house. We had Zach's brother do most of the work because we both work full time. Zach helped a little here and there, but we are please with the work Matt did. So, we decided to update because were tired of the old stuff and it needed to be replaced. Also, when we want to put out house up on the market, hopefully it will sell quicker. In the kitchen, half bath, and washroom there was linoleum. In the living room and office there was cream carpet (which was hard to keep clean). So, we put 16 X 16 beige ceramic tile in the kitchen, half bath, and washroom. In the office, enrty way, and living room we did laminate wood floors. It makes the room look so big and beautiful. We love it. Although, I am finding it is very hard to keep clean with 2 dogs.

New Years....

For New Year's Eve we had friends and family over for food and fun. The food was great and there was A LOT of it. Before mid-night, we did sparklers which was very fun (thanks Nat). We had a great New Years party.

The first 7 pics I got from Nat. (THANKS)


For Christmas Eve, Zach's family came over and we had our traditional get together. We eat food, exchange gifts, and read the story of Jesus' birth from Luke. I didnt get pics of Christmas Eve or on Christmas day. I dont know what I was thinking. Anyways, here are a couple of cute pics with Zach and our babies.