Monday, November 17, 2008

House of Blues Concert....

On November 10th me, Zach, Natalie, Ryan, JJ, Meredith, Jared, and his date Corine went to the House of Blues to see Matisyahu. His must is more along the lines of reggae. He is jewish. He wears his yamaka(check the spelling). His music is really laid back and cool. We had a great time considering the fact that Zach and I left early because I had to get up for school at 6am and we didnt get in bed until 12:30.

This all started when my sweet husband offered to hold my purse for the concert because it was too heavy for my shoulder. They thought it was funny, but very manly of him to do that so Jared, his brother took his date's purse, and Ryan, his friend, took his wife's purse and they all struck a pose!!! :) HILARIOUS!

Before the concert, we ate at the House of BLues resturant. The desert we had was really good. The cool part about the resturant was that they had a wall of famous peoples' faces sculpted out with a blue light hightlight the face. It was really neat, but my camera flash was too bright. Some people that were on the wall were B.B. King, Buddy Guy, the Blues Brothers and more.

My first deer!!!

So, November 1st was the first day for hunting season. On November 2nd I shot my first deer. It was a doe(female deer). I wanted to shoot a doe first because doe season ends after Thanksgiving. That way the rest of hunting season I can focus on getting a buck or a hog. The rifle I use is a 270. I like it because it does not have alot of kick. Anyways, one of my friends that Zach and I hunt with put the deer's blood on my face. It is their tradition to put the blood on your face when you kill your first deer. We got alot of meat out of that deer. We got hamburger meat, steaks, and backstrap. She was almost 3 years old and she weighed about 100 lbs. Zach also shot a deer the following week. Out of that deer we are getting 2 different kinds of sausage and steaks (I think!). Anyways, I love hunting because that is one hobby that Zach and I do together. We love it. Last year we hunted together, but this year we have our own memberships. Sometimes we will hunt together, but most of the time we hunt seperately. I think the most amazing thing about hunting is getting into your deer blind really early and watching the sun come up and see the forest come to life. It is so beautiful to be out there with nature.