Friday, April 27, 2012

Week 2 on bed rest

I'm so glad another week has passed of being on bed rest. Each week is so crucial for these growing boys! I am now 24 weeks gestation. This past week was pretty good. On Saturday, the weather was so beautiful I just could not stay in the house. It was a high of 73 degrees with low humidity. So, Zach and I drove south to look at our land(it's an investment piece of land). I just laid down in the car while he drove. We had the sun roof open and the windows down. It was great! Letter that night my brother and parents came over and we grilled steaks. Yum! On Monday night I had some awesome friends come over and bring us dinner. The food was great and we were able to chat a little bit. Tuesday, I had another great friend come over. She brought me a goodie box. It had root beer, candy, and the Walking Dead tv series. Wednesday my mom came over and cleaned and cooked dinner. Thursday I had a doc visit that Zach took me too. The doc just checked the heartbeats of the boys and talked to me about coming in every 2 weeks now. So, hopefully going to see him every 2 weeks and my high risk doc every 3 weeks, the weeks will go by faster. I know I say this a lot....but I truly am grateful to have such a wonderful mom who sacrifices her time to come evey week to clean, cook, and keep me company. I hope I'm half the mom she is. Love you mom! Also, I'm so grateful for amazing friends and family who have come to visit me to make this process easier on me. Thanks y'all. Love you all!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

I survived....

So, week 1 on bed rest has passed. It was tough at times, but I know this is the best thing for my boys. So, in my first week I was able to:

- sleep in
- feel the boys moving more in my stomach :-)
- take a nap when I wanted
- picked up crocheting again
- able to visit with friends I didn't get to see very much
- catch up on my shows
- started my blog back up
- I got to eat jelly bellys almost everyday (thanks Jess for the huge bag)

On a not so positive note I:

- have had to ask others for help with daily activities
- hip pain, back pain
- trouble sleeping at night (not all nights)
- Slight boredom
- feel like a burden sometimes
- had a cerclage put in

So, I'm glad my first week on bed rest was not as bad as I thought it would be. However, I do have several more weeks to go so we will see how the weeks to follow go.

I went to the doc on wed to see how my cerclage was doing and he was so happy with the way everything was going. He gave me an A+. I actually gained back more length to my cervix (which is a good thing). Yay! He also said I could eat sitting up. I was so happy to hear that as well. It is not fun eating laying down. Anyways, I'm hoping week 2 goes by fast and smoothly. Thanks everyone for your sweet words and prayers.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Bed rest...

Many of you know that Zach and I are expecting identical twin boys this summer. We are soooo excited to FINALLY be able to start out family. Well, the boys are healthy and strong and growing nicely. Right now they are a little over a pound each. Because I'm having multiples, I have to see a regular OB/GYN and a high risk doc. This past Wednesday I went in to see my high risk doc for a regular 3 week check up. The appointment was going well as they monitored the boys and were very pleased with their progress. At the end, my high risk doc checked me cervix to make sure it was a good length and that it was strong. Well, that was not the case. He had a hard time finding it because it had gotten short and soft so fast. He told me to go home and get my things because I would need to stay at he hospital for a day or two and I would have to get a cerclage. A cerclage is a procedure where they sew up the cervix to keep the babies in longer. Thursday morning I had the cerclage put in and Thursday evening I was able to leave. I'm so glad I didn't have to spend another night in the hospital. I was emotional when I woke up from the anesthetics and I didn't know why but I knew things would be different. I had some cramping from the procedure but I got pain meds for that. When I was able to go back to my room I saw Zach and my mom waiting for me. I was so happy to see them I started crying. Then, Zach came over and told me what the doc had told him... He said if he did not catch this in time then I would have gone into labor and had to deliver the babies at 21 weeks and they would not have survived. I was so scared and sad at what could have been that I could not stop crying. We have waited so long to have a family and we could have lost them.

So, now I am on strict bed rest. I can not sit up. I can't eat dinner at the dinner table I have to eat laying down or at a little incline. I can only go to the bathroom or take a shower and come lay back down. I can't take a shower every day. It's has to be every other day or every 3 days. And obviously I can not go anywhere except to the doctors office.

Well, now that you know what is going sis in law suggested I write a blog about my journey on bed rest :-). I thought it would be a fun thing to do and it would be another thing to keep me busy and occupied. I'm not sure yet whether I want to do day by day or week by week. I will prob do week by week just because I do a lot of the same things every day, like laying down. :-) So, writing week by week will be my verbal "celebration" of being able to keep these babies cooking another week. Right now I'm 22 weeks and 3days. My doc hopes I can make it 9 weeks so they have a better chance at surviving. I'm shooting for 12 weeks. We will see what happens.

I did receive a blessing from my husband and dad on Thursday evening and that helped me be at peace with the whole situation. Then, I read my patriarchal blessing and that also gave me peace and hope. I know that the Lord has a plan for us and I know that He will take care of me and the babies. I was really sad at first but now I'm more optimistic and will do what I have to do for my baby boys so they can be healthy and strong.

Thanks for all your thoughts and prayers. Love y'all!