Thursday, April 19, 2012

I survived....

So, week 1 on bed rest has passed. It was tough at times, but I know this is the best thing for my boys. So, in my first week I was able to:

- sleep in
- feel the boys moving more in my stomach :-)
- take a nap when I wanted
- picked up crocheting again
- able to visit with friends I didn't get to see very much
- catch up on my shows
- started my blog back up
- I got to eat jelly bellys almost everyday (thanks Jess for the huge bag)

On a not so positive note I:

- have had to ask others for help with daily activities
- hip pain, back pain
- trouble sleeping at night (not all nights)
- Slight boredom
- feel like a burden sometimes
- had a cerclage put in

So, I'm glad my first week on bed rest was not as bad as I thought it would be. However, I do have several more weeks to go so we will see how the weeks to follow go.

I went to the doc on wed to see how my cerclage was doing and he was so happy with the way everything was going. He gave me an A+. I actually gained back more length to my cervix (which is a good thing). Yay! He also said I could eat sitting up. I was so happy to hear that as well. It is not fun eating laying down. Anyways, I'm hoping week 2 goes by fast and smoothly. Thanks everyone for your sweet words and prayers.


Amie said...

Glad that you have one week behind you and that the boys are doing well. Wishing I could be there to help you out! BTW, everyone loves being able to help out. Especially when the end result will be so much fun! Love ya!

Jen and Zach said...

Thanks amie! Miss ya!