Friday, April 27, 2012

Week 2 on bed rest

I'm so glad another week has passed of being on bed rest. Each week is so crucial for these growing boys! I am now 24 weeks gestation. This past week was pretty good. On Saturday, the weather was so beautiful I just could not stay in the house. It was a high of 73 degrees with low humidity. So, Zach and I drove south to look at our land(it's an investment piece of land). I just laid down in the car while he drove. We had the sun roof open and the windows down. It was great! Letter that night my brother and parents came over and we grilled steaks. Yum! On Monday night I had some awesome friends come over and bring us dinner. The food was great and we were able to chat a little bit. Tuesday, I had another great friend come over. She brought me a goodie box. It had root beer, candy, and the Walking Dead tv series. Wednesday my mom came over and cleaned and cooked dinner. Thursday I had a doc visit that Zach took me too. The doc just checked the heartbeats of the boys and talked to me about coming in every 2 weeks now. So, hopefully going to see him every 2 weeks and my high risk doc every 3 weeks, the weeks will go by faster. I know I say this a lot....but I truly am grateful to have such a wonderful mom who sacrifices her time to come evey week to clean, cook, and keep me company. I hope I'm half the mom she is. Love you mom! Also, I'm so grateful for amazing friends and family who have come to visit me to make this process easier on me. Thanks y'all. Love you all!

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Jenny said...

Bless your heart, Jennifer! I think you're wonderful for making such a sacrifice for your little fellas and staying on bedrest. I'm glad you have such a great family that takes good care of you. You are going to be an amazing mom. Would love to see you sometime!

-Jenny G.