Sunday, June 14, 2009


I haven't posted pictures in a while so these pictures are from the past month.

This picture was taken at our stake's youth conference this past weekend. On the left is our stake president, on the right is the east stake president, and in the middle is Gifford Nielson. He is also a stake president and was the Ch. 11 news sports caster for 25 years. Giff gave a really good talk at youth conference.
This is the bridesmaid's bouquet at my best friend's wedding. They are hydrangeas and the curly things are called monkey tails. The bouquets were beautiful.

Here are 3 of the four bridesmaids. Andi's sister was the 4th one-the maid of honor.

As you can see I was the only one wearing a jacket. I had alot of comments on my jacket. This pic is of a cute little lady who is commenting on my jacket. I think this is Andi's grandma.

Here is Andi and her neice (the youngest one) who was the flower girl. And the teenager is her new sister-in-law.
This is all the bridemaids, the bride, and Ty the hairstylist. He has a mo-hawk because he was going to a rock concert to do the band's hair. He got to go hair for Kid Rock, Sublime, and other groups.
Here is Andi's hair. It was gorgeous.

The was the head table where we ate. It was beautiful. Those are light wrapped in tool hanging down. The four bridesmaids at the rehearsal dinner.
Here is the hubby trying to pick the nose of the statue. hehe! The roof of the place where we walked through the wedding the night before the wedding.
On Thurs. night we went to James' parent's house and went fishing and jumped on the trampoline. It was so much fun. I have not jumped on a trampoline in years. We played "popcorn." Zach did not want to jump so he took the pics. James' parent's have a beautiful piece of land in Kansas.

Our shirts say Lee College. I told Andi to wear hers so we could match. We became best friends when we were roommates in college.

On the way to Kansas for the wedding Zach and I stopped by my sister's house to see her new baby, Madylin. She is so cute. She has long skinny legs like Jill.