Tuesday, December 16, 2008


The church and all the houses had snow on the roof tops

The front of the church! I had YW that night.

On December 10, 2008 south Tx recieved snow. We have not had snow in about 4 yrs. It was really neat. It had been drizzling all day and around 6:00p it started snowing. Mom and dad have a huge oak tree in their front yard so there was not enough snow in the yard to make a snowman. Many of our friends were able to make little snowmen. Zach and I will be going to northwestern states in less than a week to visit family and there is pleny of snow there so I wasnt too bummed that I couldnt make a snowman. I LOVE SNOW!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Softball nights.....

Every Thrusday Zach goes to play softball with members of our church. Well, this past Thursday it was really cold and the wind was blowing right in our face. His team played late and as it got late the tempurate was dropping. I had Dillinger with me and even though he has fur, I knew he was cold. When Zach's team was in the outfield Dillinger and I would go for a run on the outside of the field so we could get our heart rate up and try to keep warm. I know it worked for me but I dont know how much that did for Dillinger because I was sprinting and Dillinger was just trotting. It was funny. Anyways, after about the 4th or 5th run, I was tried of doing that so I just put Zach's jacket on him and I thought it was so cute. He looks like a midget or something.

Monday, November 17, 2008

House of Blues Concert....

On November 10th me, Zach, Natalie, Ryan, JJ, Meredith, Jared, and his date Corine went to the House of Blues to see Matisyahu. His must is more along the lines of reggae. He is jewish. He wears his yamaka(check the spelling). His music is really laid back and cool. We had a great time considering the fact that Zach and I left early because I had to get up for school at 6am and we didnt get in bed until 12:30.

This all started when my sweet husband offered to hold my purse for the concert because it was too heavy for my shoulder. They thought it was funny, but very manly of him to do that so Jared, his brother took his date's purse, and Ryan, his friend, took his wife's purse and they all struck a pose!!! :) HILARIOUS!

Before the concert, we ate at the House of BLues resturant. The desert we had was really good. The cool part about the resturant was that they had a wall of famous peoples' faces sculpted out with a blue light hightlight the face. It was really neat, but my camera flash was too bright. Some people that were on the wall were B.B. King, Buddy Guy, the Blues Brothers and more.

My first deer!!!

So, November 1st was the first day for hunting season. On November 2nd I shot my first deer. It was a doe(female deer). I wanted to shoot a doe first because doe season ends after Thanksgiving. That way the rest of hunting season I can focus on getting a buck or a hog. The rifle I use is a 270. I like it because it does not have alot of kick. Anyways, one of my friends that Zach and I hunt with put the deer's blood on my face. It is their tradition to put the blood on your face when you kill your first deer. We got alot of meat out of that deer. We got hamburger meat, steaks, and backstrap. She was almost 3 years old and she weighed about 100 lbs. Zach also shot a deer the following week. Out of that deer we are getting 2 different kinds of sausage and steaks (I think!). Anyways, I love hunting because that is one hobby that Zach and I do together. We love it. Last year we hunted together, but this year we have our own memberships. Sometimes we will hunt together, but most of the time we hunt seperately. I think the most amazing thing about hunting is getting into your deer blind really early and watching the sun come up and see the forest come to life. It is so beautiful to be out there with nature.

Monday, September 29, 2008

2 yr. anniversary

So, on September the 23rd Zach and I celebrated our 2nd year anniversary. WOW! I cannot beleive it has been 2 years already. I guess when you are having fun the time flies by. I am so lucky to be married to a wonderful, supportive, and lets not forget sexy husband. He spoils me and I love it. :) He had a dozen long stem red roses delivered to the house. They were soooo beautiful. I took alot of pics of them. Zach said, "Why are you taking so many pics of the flowers." I said, "Because I hardly ever get flowers. This is like once a year occasion to me."
Anyways, for our anniversay we went to a dinner and a movie. We played it low key since we went on a 10 day vacation in August. So the restaurant we went to is a new place called Vegas Grill. I would not recommend that place to anyone. The atmosphere was not good and the food was WAY over priced for the quality of the food and the food was horrible. Then, we went and saw Lakeview Terrace. It was a good movie. The acting was really good but as far as the story line goes, it was alright. The ending was one of the best parts of the movie though.

Hurricane Ike

As many of you know, Zach is a surfer. So, where do you think we went for our evacuation?.... That's right, the beach. We went to South Padre. It is about 7 hours south of us right by the Mexico boarder. We left Thursday, Sept. 11th, and came back that following Monday. Zach and I drove down there with his family. While we were down there, the only effects we felt from the hurricane was wind. We did not get any rain from the hurricane. It was bright and sunny. Also, there was no traffic going to S. Padre and there was not traffic coming home from S. Padre. It was nice. We went away from the crowd.
As far as damage goes, we did not have hardly any damage compared to others. There were a few shingles that blew off the roof and our back wooden fence had fallen over. However, I am so glad to be married to a handy man.... Zach and his dad replaced the missing shingles and the fence within a week after the storm.
My parents had a few shingles that blew off their roof and a tree in the backyard fell on the powerline and ripped the meter of the side of the house. They also had some tree branches that fell. They did not have power for a 8 days. Zach's parents had some shingles that blew off their roof as well and their banana tree leaves had been ripped off. They did not have power for almost 2 weeks. Other than that, no flooding and not too much damage.
We are so blessed to have minimal damage and to have a home to come back to. My thoughts and prayers go to those who have suffered from hurricane IKE!

Friday, August 29, 2008


So, Zach and I went on a trip to Mexico. He surfed the first part and the last part we did what I wanted to do. It was nice to get away and relax. Here are a few pics of the sunsets in Mexico.

On the last couple of days, I chose to do the canopy zip-line tour. It was really awesome. We zip-lined from mountain to mountain while crossing over the river. It was really beautiful and fun. The people working the zip-line were a bunch of young hispanic guys and everytime I landed they would always say, "Good job Princess." It made me laugh.

After the canopy tour, we went to their "Animal House." They only had a few animals but it was still fun. The first three pics is of squirrel monkeys. Then Zach with a Boa. I forgot the name of the animal in the last pic. It had the face of an opossum and the body of a racoon. It was weird looking. That is the only animal that I did not hold. Then there were some more monkeys (we didnt get a pic of them). They were little and black with white hair coming out of their ears. They bit Zach and I though because we wouldnt give them the carrot. They did not want to share the carrot, they wanted it all the themselves. HeHe!

When we slept in the hammocks, at night there would be dozens of these crabs that would come to the beach, lay their eggs, and then go back to the beach. When we woke up in the morning, there were so many crab tracks in the sand. They crawled right under our hammocks. Good thing they cant climb. :) Some crabs were still up on the beach where we were in the morning. There was one crab that got into our friend's board bag.

We went to this place where the boys surfed and there was this family who had a little palapa on the beach and this was their goat. He was one month old. How cute is he?....I called him Goatie. He had little horns on his head and he loved for you to scratch them.

So this is our sleeping quarters for the first 5 nights. Yes, we slept in hammocks. It was actually really comfortable. The wind from off the ocean kept us cool. It rained every night there, but we stayed dry because we were under that palapa. There was one really bad storm where the wind was blowing the rain on us, so we went into our tent for a few hours and then got right back in the hammocks. :) We slept in hammocks to save money. It was only $3 a day. :) The last couple of nights we slept in a hotel.

At the hotel we stayed at the last couple of days made this elephant out of our towels. I thought that was pretty clever!!

Here are some pics taken from the beach!! The first pics is when we were driving.

House SOLD....

Well, our house finally sold. It was on the market for almor 4 weeks. I cant believe how fast it got sold. I am going to miss this house because I was able to decorate it the way I wanted it. But, I will not miss the outrageous house note. :) If you are wondering where we will be living, we are going to be moving in with my parents for a couple of months and then into his uncles house.

Things have been so hecktic here with packing and moving, school, and work. It almost feels like we didnt go on vacation because since we have been back we have been so busy.

For school, I am taking 2 online classes and 2 regular classes. I dont think any of my classes will be too hard, but the online classes will be time consuming. More to come later....

Here is our beautiful house that we just sold. :(